Buggles (Trevor Horn & Geoff Downes)

From Chromium to Asia - Studio recordings, demos and alternate takes - 1978/2001
Studio and live sources  A/A+  

Radar angels, Forces of light, Star to star, Time traveler, Castaway, Haunted disco, Beam on, Caribbean air control, Fly on UFO (Chromium featuring Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes, from "Star to star" album, 1978), Video killed the radio star (The Buggles live at The Mean Fiddler, London, 03/12/1998, audience recording, B), I would die for you, She knows, Only you, Just as long as I need you, Running out of time, Summer can't last too long, Don't say it again (John Wetton and Geoff Downes demos, 1990), The carpet crawlers 1999 (Genesis with Trevor Horn, from "Turn it on again, the hits", 1999), Estoy listo para ir a mi casa (Asia collectors' single, 2001, Spanish version of "Ready to go home"), Video Kill the Radio Star (Instrumental)
Demos & Alternate versions
Studio A/A+

Blue Nylon - Fade Away - I'am a Camera - Island - Johnny on the Monorail  (Alt.) - Technopop